Red Devinity: Common Event for Conditions

I’m currently editing the bad status conditions that effect the characters during battle and off the field. I have too many conditions and not enough slots for animated poses so I decided to create a common event that changes the effected characters faceset. So if you have no condition effecting your character your faceset should look like this….

This means your character is healthy. Now lets say you are in battle and the enemy has used an attack that creates a bad status such as poison, your faceset will change and look like this….


Dont worry I have a battle animation that says that your charcter has a status effect. Trust me it will grab your attention and make you look at the faceset in battle. This also works for buffs so if you use a skill that increases your attack your faceset will look like this…

I have been working on this common event for a few months now. It auto corrects itself when your buff or bad status is null. Thats all for now, im going to have a snack and working on Monsters (which are ripped from Disgaea Phantom Brave and La Pucelle.)